What is Ecomo?

The next-generation power saving unit “ecomo” is
a power saving unit that reduces the amount of electricity
used by 3 to 15% for each transformer.


It is a patented product under the name of “electric power improvement device”. We have installed more than 1600 locations, mainly in designated energy management factories.

Energy saving proposal

for the entire equipment

It exerts a power saving effect not only for specific equipment and load but also for the entire equipment (transformer unit).

* Mainly for 200V and 400V power transformers.

3% to 15%

reduction results

Instead of lowering the pay-as-you-go unit price, we will reduce the electricity bill by reducing the amount of electricity used and also reduce CO2 emissions.


Traditional electricity flow

Electricity flow after installation of Ecomo

ecomo saves energy due to the characteristics of natural minerals, and there are no electronic devices or parts that cause deterioration or failure, such as capacitors and IC chips.

Ecomo protects the inside with acrylic resin paint, and the exterior uses “cast nylon”.

In addition to waterproofness, it is safe with a coating process that has excellent impact resistance, wear resistance, rust prevention, and chemical resistance.

The inside of ecomo is mainly composed of natural minerals.


Tourmaline is said to be the Japanese name “electric stone” and is a special ore that carries 0.06mA of electricity around it.


It is a magnetic material that becomes a magnet by mixing and sintering cobalt, nickel, manganese, etc. with iron oxide as the main component.

ecomo is working on
and “carbon neutral”

of CO2
is reduced per

and the amount of reduction is equivalent to 2,557 cedar trees (approximately 2.5 ha).

ecomo mainly contributes to the above two items.