Management policy

We are the support company that provides “richness” and “fun” to all the people and companies involved with information and ideas.While contributing to resource conservation and environmental improvement through eco-business, we aim to obtain a fulfilling lifetime and contribute to society.

Company description

As countries around the world are working on global warming countermeasures and CO2 reduction, the next-generation power saving unit “ecomo” which uses natural minerals such as tourmaline, that we handle, has come to play an important role.

With the cooperation of agents and dealers, our group wants to expand activities to improve customer profits by considering the global environment together with everyone and promoting the introduction of ecomo.

Company Profile

CompanyHayabusa Holdings Inc.
LocationElectrical work Hall. 5F, 3-4-13 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Japan #104-0045
PresidentAkira Shirotani
Ecomo DivisionManaging Director /General Manager Akihiro Matsuura
Business contentSales and manufacturing of power saving systems, eco-related businesses, consulting on power saving and introduction of power saving related products, sales of LEDs, etc.
General CounselIntegral Law Offices